Monday, January 9, 2012

Meet Betty White!

First I'd like to thank everyone for all your wonderful support and congratulate the winner of sweet little Jude :) Today is my first day of "normal", the kids are back in school and my house is again quiet...well quieter< i do still have my 20 month old keeping me company :)

I want to introduce you to "Betty White", she is my sewing machine and she is what all of my dolls will be made on from here on out. At 92 years of age she is still running great (after a little TLC on my part) and though she doesn't have any frills the work she does is pure beauty. Betty's completely woman powered, no electricity beyond the lights in my home will be used in the making of my dolls.

I look forward to a very productive week and I will keep you "Up"dated on this weeks "Up"load. (*wink*)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Taking my first baby step.


Seeing as I am easing back slowly I'm going to make my first upload of the new year a small one. Only two, maybe three dolls will be uploaded on Friday, January 6th, including Lambert and the sweet little guy below. I will have proper previews up tomorrow :)

This little guy is about 11" tall, he was made with bamboo stuffing instead of wool and his hair is crafted from high quality synthetic fur. It also fun to note that he's 100% "mama power" made. All machine sewing was done using a 1920's treadle sewing machine that I have recently restored.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Though I still have not set a date for my opening I am working hard on some adorable little ones to fill my shop with. 

This is Lambert, my sheepish little lion. He's not ready for his new home just yet, but we're getting there...

Please excuse the bedhead it's past his bedtime.