Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Little Voodoo Doll Free Pattern

Fall is hear and there is spooky wind blowing. Get ready for the haunting season with a creepy cute little voodoo doll!

To start download and print out the pattern template. Then gather your supplies. You will need:
7"x12" piece of fleece (fold in half across the 12" length)
Yarn Scraps
2 Funky Buttons
Embroidery Floss
Embroidery Needle
Strong Thread
and you will need your sewing machine.

Start by tracing your pattern onto the wrong side of the fleece.
Sew around the whole body, there is a 1/4" seam allowance included (use it or you will end up with uni-leg).
Make sure you leave the top of the head open.

Cut along the tracing line after you sew. I like to do this when ever I have small pieces to sew, it gives me more surface area to control when maneuvering those little curves.

Turn your little buddy right side out and begin stuffing. Do NOT stuff the arms and legs. The little dashed lines are the stuffing stopping markers. If you need a little extra reminder use a safety or straight pin to separate the spaces.
With your embroidery needle and strong thread, close the top of the head with a running stitch pulled tight and double knotted.

Make a little pom-pom with your yarn scraps and secure to the top of the head, where your (now closed) opening is. I don't have a special stitch to do this, honestly I just loop around like I would a button until it feels good and stuck. Trim the ends and fluff it out.

Next add you button* eyes, use your embroidery floss here to add some fun contrast and color. Don't try to make it perfect, this guy is meant to look a little rough around the edges so have fun with it.
For his mouth I use a modified Fern Stitch. It isn't a perfect stitch at all, I like to just play with it. A line of X's would look cool too.
Give all your straggling threads a trim and you are done!

I hope you have as much fun as I did. This is a great project for kids to do and makes a amazing sugar free Halloween treat that you can make with the scraps you already have.
Thanks for letting me share with you!
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* If you are making this for little ones (under 3) do not use buttons, I recommend felt rounds made to look like buttons or embroidering the eyes.

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