Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lanky Lily Hair Tutorial

I wanted to expand on the hair tutorial that is included in my new "Lanky Lily" doll pattern for you. I realize the one in the tutorial is a little vague and I hope this gives you all a better idea of the process. I promise you it is very easy, once you get the feel for it.

To start you will need to place your pins, it'll look like your doll has a pin mohawk.

Now leave a good length of tail at the side of the head and begin wrapping a single strand of yarn around the pins.  

I like to go back and forth in a figure 8, wrapping each pin along the center part at least twice, but that will differ depending on the yarn thickness.

It's a good idea to tack down the sides at the half way point as well as the end. I don't use any particular stitch to do this, but it's important to make sure you catch all your loops with your thread. This area will be covered with the pigtails so it doesn't have to be perfect, but the neater you are the easier it is later.

To start sewing down the center hide your knot behind the hairline.

Sew down the center part using a back stitch, making sure to secure the loops as you go. When you come to the end knot your thread and tuck your ends behind the hairline.

Repeat the process on the other side. 

When you are sewing down your center part try to overlap you new stitches with the ones on the other side to avoid gaps forming.

To make the pigtails, first wrap your yarn around a book (or piece of cardboard, whatever's handy) several times, until you are happy with the amount you have. This will be split between the two sides.
Cut down the center of your bundle of yarn, lay it out and split it up.

Knot a length of thread tightly around the center of each bundle of yarn, making a long "pom-pom".

Sew the pigtails to the side of the head with small stitches securing the center of each to the side of head.

Trim the yarn to your perfect length and you are done!!!

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Thank you and I hope this is a helpful tutorial.