Wednesday, March 19, 2014

DIY Magnetic Pacifier Tutorial

I need to start this tutorial with a little disclaimer:
The magnets used are small and very powerful, use care when handling them and keep them away from certain electronic equipment as well as individuals with pacemakers. Always supervise your children when they are playing with a magnetic toy, if swallowed they can be very dangerous. I also do not recommend they be used in toys for children under 3 years of age.

Now that that is done, magnets really can be a fun way to add an interactive element to soft toys and it is really not difficult at all.

First gather your supplies:
2 Rare Earth Magnets (3/8"-1/2")
Pacifier (I like the generic Walmart brand)
Rubber Cement type glue
Scraps of Fleece
Needle, Thread and Scissors
A plushie in progress

 Start by cutting the nipple off the pacifier, creating a smooth surface to place the magnet on. Place a nice dollop of glue where the nipple was and put your magnet in the center of it.

Wait a little to let the glue set up, then add another dollop on top of the magnet and place a scrap of the fleece on top. The fleece needs to be bigger then the magnet so it can cover it completely, I went with a little heart because I thought it would be cute.
Now set it aside and let the glue dry completely.

Next we need to make a magnet in the mouth. Cut a scrap of fleece in a circle, use a running stitch around the edge, place the magnet in the middle and pull tight, making a little pouch. Before you go any further, get the pacifier (hopefully it's dry enough by now) and test the magnet's direction, you want them to want to go together.  Have the "attractive" pole facing the smooth side of the pouch because it will be the part facing out.

Your doll's head should be almost completely before you place the magnet. Slide it in just under the "skin" to about where you'd like to have the mouth end up. Use a pin or another magnet to keep it in place. When you embroider the smile on make sure you catch the fabric from the magnet pouch, this will be all you need to do to secure it in place. Now finish the head, sculpt like normal and you have a paci loving plushie of your very own!!

The new Tiny Monkey pattern will be available later today in my Etsy store!!

Thank you for creating with me.