Friday, August 29, 2014

Sweetie Bear, Part 2- Construction & Applique

Part 2:
Before you sew the pieces together, you will want to get your applique pieces attached. I decided to use a different technique for each of them. You can choose either one, just remember to take into account the type of fabrics you are using.

I used "Wonder Under" (aka, fusible webbing) for my little cotton heart. I cut around the edge with pinking shears because I live in a constant fear of fraying. 

I decided to do a simple back stitch by hand around the outer edge of the heart, partially to make sure it was really stuck on and partially because it's just plain cute.

For the muzzle I used felt. I traced the pattern piece with an erasable pen on the right side of the felt and I cut  it out with extra space around my mark. Then I sewed a straight stitch directly on the line and trimmed around the edge with a pair of small sharp scissors.

Now we are ready to start sewing our pieces together. Remember that the freezer paper is still attached while you do this. In Part 1 we already prepped the ears and arms, now sew the pieces together, leaving the top of the arm and the bottom of the ears open. When you are done trim the edges. I used pinking shears & I recommend using them for trimming the seam allowance on any fabric, not just woven ones.
Once your edges are trimmed remove the freezer paper. It should be pretty easy, but be careful around your stitches, you don't want to pull them out.

Turn the ears and arms right side out and pin the ears in place, sandwiched between the right sides of the head. Sew around the head, leaving the neck open. Remove the freezer paper on both sides and sew around the edges a second time, I noticed a lot of skipped stitches and pulled quiet a few when I was removing the paper, so better safe then sorry.

Follow the same steps for the body, keep your stitches small and remember to pivot on those smaller corners.

Again, don't forget the double stitching around the body after you remove the backing.
Now I chose not to stuff the arms, you can if you want to, you just need to leave the top 1/2" completely unstuffed. Sew the arms to the body, across the side seams, on edge of the neck opening. The arms should lay flat at the sides of the body the seams facing front to back.

Yay! All your pieces are ready for stuffing. Tomorrow will wrap it up with Stuffing, Sculpting and Stitches in Part 3!

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