Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sweetie Bear Part 3- Stuffing, Sculpting & Stitches

Sweetie Bear Part 3- Stuffing, Sculpting & Stitches
Start by stuffing the head firmly, fill the around the edges first. What I do is spread the filling from the center out with my fingers as I stuff, using smaller pieces also helps keep your stuffing even and smooth.
When the head is stuffed to you liking, wrap a length of extra strong thread around the
neck tightly several times and double knot.

Next mark my face with an erasable marker and get the cardigan buttons (if you choose to embroider the eyes do so now with a satin stitch).
To attach the buttons as well as sculpt start by threading your doll needle with extra strong thread. Push the needle in at the bottom of the head, near the now closed neck, then up through the face & out on the inside corner of the eye.

Thread the button, push your needle back in at the outer corner and back out at the bottom of the head.
Pull both ends of the thread until you achieve a shape you like and then double knot the ends together. Trim you thread and repeat for the other eye.
* If you embroider the eyes follow the same steps, but ignore the button part.

Next embroider the nose and mouth. I start with a standard teddy bear nose, then I fill the "V" in with a satin stitch. Little back stitches or a stem stitch works perfectly.

Now look at that cute face!
Set the head aside while you stuff the body, you don't need to stuff the body as firmly as the head, you don't want the filling pouring out the neck when you are trying to attach the head.

Attach the head to the neck opening with a ladder stitch, it doesn't have to be pretty (you will be doing a second round), but you do want to make sure you get a good hold. Now go around a second time, with smaller stitches and you are done!!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I can't wait to see all your Sweetie Bear creations!

If you want some extra help with stuffing and sculpting the NimblePhish YouTube channel has a few helpful videos for you.
Thank You