Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Pattern!!

The Mama and Baby Otter pattern is now available in my Etsy and Craftsy shops!!

This cuddly pair of otters are a lovely project for both experienced and novice makers alike. Mama Otter is about 12" long and her Baby Otter is just shy of 8". They can be made with minky or fleece ( I used some super plush cuddle fleece). They are easy to assemble with minimal sculpting, which I show you how to do with easy to follow instructions and pictures.

These two are as fun to make as they are to snuggle!

Aside from it's obvious cuteness and it's beginner friendly simplicity, this pattern is a big deal for me personally. It's the first pattern release of 2015 and the first pattern release since my husband's diagnosis in October. It's proof that we are heading towards the light, that healing has begun and it symbolizes a lot of hope for the future. 
Yes, this a lot of feeling to put into such a small thing, but it's not so small when you look at it really close. When you look at the hours put in here and there between the chaos and confusion that became life. This project was my goal for so long and now it is here. 
Thank You !! 

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