Wednesday, April 8, 2015


  It has been six long hard months since my husband's diagnosis and my last blog post.
 This experience has taken more out of me then I ever thought I had and sometimes I feel completely drained. At the same time I find myself overflowing with gratitude and hope. It is confusing and exhausting, in general completely overwhelming.

  The great news is; so far it looks like all of my husband's treatments have worked. We haven't had the official scan yet, but we will soon. He underwent major surgery (12+ hours) in November to remove tumors from his tongue, floor of his mouth and lymph node. They also had to remove a large portion of his tongue, which they then reconstructed from a section of his forearm. I am still in awe of what the doctors were able to do for him. After about a week in the hospital, we were able to go home and heal before he began his radiation and chemo. His seven weeks of chemo and radiation began the week of Christmas.

   To say the least it has been a long dark winter, but it wasn't without it's bright moments. We have been shown so much kindness and caring, I could never properly express the humbling and gracious feeling that comes with being on the receiving end of charity. It may be a terrible situation, but we've been blessed with good people that have made it much easier.

  There is still a lot ahead of us, we are by no means out of the woods yet, but there is hope that one day this will be behind us.

In the mean time, I'm slowly working on new designs and soaking up any knowledge I can, as I hope to move forward as business owner. I haven't really had the time to finish anything yet, but when I do finally get there, it will be awesome.

Thank you all for your faith, prayers and well wishes. 


  1. Still praying for you guys!

  2. praying. Shopping patterns when I can to help.

  3. I just had to tell you that I completed my first "Baby Mine", I think she's called, and she turned out so adorable I can't stand it! Thank you so much for these darling dolls. I haven't found any that compare in cuteness!!!! My grandbabies will be thrilled this Christmas!

  4. Oh my gosh, I sent my comment before I read your post. I'm so very sorry you're dealing with all of this. Seems like it hits so many people anymore. You are a wonderful, talented woman who blesses so many lives. I will keep you and your husband and family in my prayers this Christmas season for a wonderful outcome and peace. The little "people" you have brought to all of us crafters has really given me some joy. I pray the same for all of you.